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Hydrotherapy System

Pure Vitality is the only wellness center in North County San Diego that offers the Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy System which delivers internal cleansing into the 21st century with elegance, simplicity and dignity. The Angel of Water is a gravity–fed open design and is the safest, simplest and most effective solution for irrigating the colon.

BENEFITS of Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy System

  • Basin design allows release of the contents of the colon and bladder at will.
  • Shower sprayer with volume control for personal hygiene.
  • Moveable cushioned backrest for varying body positions.
  • Ergonomic positioning of the entire body making for a more comfortable and cleansing experience.

Benefits of Colon Therapy

  • Colon
  • Body Detoxification
  • Regulated Bowels
  • Restored Sense of Well Being
  • More Energy
  • Weight Loss & Maintenance
  • Enhanced Immunity
  • Improvement in in Skin Conditions
  • Headache & Pain Relief

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My healing has accelerated significantly on every level since working with Gina. The Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system she uses is GREAT…makes the process comfortable, easy, dignified and productive. I have also benefited from the lymphatic drainage and Ionic foot bath treatments targeted at eliminating Lyme Disease + co-infections, parasites and Candida. Physically I am stronger and mentally clearer. Many environmental sensitivities and food allergies have resolved. Gina is knowledgeable, experienced and supremely professional. I feel safe and cared for in her office.
Karen Rich, Carlsbad CA